Caramoan Island

Hi!! You know that caramoan is one of the most beautiful place in the Philippines and it was located in Cam Sur, and I love that place.

I feel renew when I stay there for a few days, refreshing, amazing, relaxing and inspiring.

That’s why I was inspired to write a poem about that wonderful place called caramoan island, and the title of that poem is “The Island”

“The Island”
written by: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia

  • In the island where I stay,
  • It was a paradise I can say.
  • There’s green field and mountains
  • white sand & blue ocean.
  • The birds can fly free in the sky
  • see colored feathers while they fly
  • up above and down below,
  • through the mountains they go.
  • Across the sea you will see
  • the view I wanted to share with you
  • Renew, refresh leave all your stress
  • Relax, unwind and clear your mind.
  • Doubts and fears, sorrows you feel
  • all will perish you’ll be replenish.
  • Make new memories that you’ll
  • remembered and cherished.

: Image was borrowed from Google

We Still Going Strong

Note: I wrote this poem for my two good friend, this is my gift for them this coming Christmas and for their 14th year being together.

“Still Going Strong ”

By: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia

We are different from each other
But destiny bring us together
We meet in a place where you see death
Now we live and share same air we breathe
We forget what’s in the past
And don’t care about tomorrow and what will happen to us
Cause to love, care and share today
Is the most important thing that will lead the way.

We both don’t know the future that awaits
We just wish, pray and have faith
Because if Me and Him will hold tight
We will not let go to our kite
And whatever blocks our way
We’ll face and find a way

And fourteen years going strong
Nothing changes
Even so many things gone wrong.
Cause we both promise
That every minutes,
Every Hours,
Every Days,
Weeks, and Years
The moment that we share
We’ll remember and cherish.


I was so inspired last April 23, 2018 so I wrote this poem for someone. I met her and she’s a nice woman, she’s a wonderful woman. I wish for her to find a good guy who will love her more than his life, and will treat her equal.

I’m really glad to meet you Sarah, thanks for inspiration.


By: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia

Oh I’m amazed when I first saw you,

I was stuck where I stand while looking at you.

Cause your beauty is indefinable,

Your eyes like stars unreachable.

How can I think of words to say,

If I’m speechless every time you come my way.


Deserve By: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia

Why do I need to show you my feelings ?

Why do I need to give you everything ?

When you don’t deserve me at all.

So why should I give it all.



By: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia

Trust is something you can easily give,

But it’s a thing that can easily break.

Trust is like a glass,

And lies are like stones

Lie once like throwing a stone,

Break the glass, the trust is gone

(The Image was borrowed from Google)



By: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia

Winter, spring, summer, and fall
Always walking alone at the hall
Then I saw you walking in the rain,
But never get a chance to ask your name

Over the hill or mountain high
Across the ocean or up the sky
Even thousand or millions of mile
I know someday I will see your smile

People come and people go
A tiny chance to find you I know
But nothing can stop me even rain or snow
Because I have faith and won’t let go.

I know one day we’ll surely meet.
I know our destiny has been set
Cause even days, months, and years end
I know that you and I are destined.

The image was taken by me.