Caramoan Island

Hi!! You know that caramoan is one of the most beautiful place in the Philippines and it was located in Cam Sur, and I love that place.

I feel renew when I stay there for a few days, refreshing, amazing, relaxing and inspiring.

That’s why I was inspired to write a poem about that wonderful place called caramoan island, and the title of that poem is “The Island”

“The Island”
written by: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia

  • In the island where I stay,
  • It was a paradise I can say.
  • There’s green field and mountains
  • white sand & blue ocean.
  • The birds can fly free in the sky
  • see colored feathers while they fly
  • up above and down below,
  • through the mountains they go.
  • Across the sea you will see
  • the view I wanted to share with you
  • Renew, refresh leave all your stress
  • Relax, unwind and clear your mind.
  • Doubts and fears, sorrows you feel
  • all will perish you’ll be replenish.
  • Make new memories that you’ll
  • remembered and cherished.

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I was so inspired last April 23, 2018 so I wrote this poem for someone. I met her and she’s a nice woman, she’s a wonderful woman. I wish for her to find a good guy who will love her more than his life, and will treat her equal.

I’m really glad to meet you Sarah, thanks for inspiration.


By: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia

Oh I’m amazed when I first saw you,

I was stuck where I stand while looking at you.

Cause your beauty is indefinable,

Your eyes like stars unreachable.

How can I think of words to say,

If I’m speechless every time you come my way.


Deserve By: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia

Why do I need to show you my feelings ?

Why do I need to give you everything ?

When you don’t deserve me at all.

So why should I give it all.



By: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia

Trust is something you can easily give,

But it’s a thing that can easily break.

Trust is like a glass,

And lies are like stones

Lie once like throwing a stone,

Break the glass, the trust is gone

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By: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia

Winter, spring, summer, and fall
Always walking alone at the hall
Then I saw you walking in the rain,
But never get a chance to ask your name

Over the hill or mountain high
Across the ocean or up the sky
Even thousand or millions of mile
I know someday I will see your smile

People come and people go
A tiny chance to find you I know
But nothing can stop me even rain or snow
Because I have faith and won’t let go.

I know one day we’ll surely meet.
I know our destiny has been set
Cause even days, months, and years end
I know that you and I are destined.

The image was taken by me.

Missing You

Title: Missing You

By: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia

I dream of you night and day.
Wishing you were here,
Near not far away.

I wish that days past so fast,
For me to clasp you tightly in my arms again
Kiss your lips and touch your skin.

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