Caramoan Island

Hi!! You know that caramoan is one of the most beautiful place in the Philippines and it was located in Cam Sur, and I love that place.

I feel renew when I stay there for a few days, refreshing, amazing, relaxing and inspiring.

That’s why I was inspired to write a poem about that wonderful place called caramoan island, and the title of that poem is “The Island”

“The Island”
written by: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia

  • In the island where I stay,
  • It was a paradise I can say.
  • There’s green field and mountains
  • white sand & blue ocean.
  • The birds can fly free in the sky
  • see colored feathers while they fly
  • up above and down below,
  • through the mountains they go.
  • Across the sea you will see
  • the view I wanted to share with you
  • Renew, refresh leave all your stress
  • Relax, unwind and clear your mind.
  • Doubts and fears, sorrows you feel
  • all will perish you’ll be replenish.
  • Make new memories that you’ll
  • remembered and cherished.

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Memories of a Pet

To all the people who lost their best friend and still remember every memories with them hope you like this poem I wrote.

My Friend as me to write something about Walker who died, they want me to write a poem so that even though Walker is gone they have something that will always remind them how happy they are having him.


“Memories of a Pet”

Written by: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia


What a wonderful gift I have receive

From my love this Christmas Eve,

It’s not a thing, not a watch,

Nor necklace, or golden ring.

Cause this gift is more than anything.


He’s a Buddy, he’s a friend,

A family, and a best friend till the end.

His there wherever we go,

We had made stories and memories,

With him you’ll only see our happy face.


He’s jolly, cuddly and strong,

When he gets sick and become weak,

He survives, stay and didn’t die,

But life is unfair and too short,

Soon death will be your coat.


Walker’s time have reach the limit,

So before he dies and say goodbye,

We went to a place that he loves,

And spend the last time we have.


While carrying him he stares at me

his eyes slowly closing, it hurts me.

We will miss our buddy, our friend,

our family and our best friend.

But the memories with him

Will forever be remembered and Cherish


On the 24th day of May I wrote this for my friend as a Birthday gift.

And I saw her reaction when she’s reading this poem and I’m so happy because I made her Birthday memorable.

To Write the Last Poem.

I don’t know what comes to my mind for me to write this poem, maybe I feel uneasy about my health and I don’t know how much time I still have.

Guy’s Hope you like it.

Title: To Write the Last Poem.

By: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia

I wrote different poems,
Composed different songs,
I make everyone my inspiration
to write with love and passion.

The happiness and smile that I see,
Makes me write a happy and lovely poetry.
Sadness, loneliness, and the sorrows they show,
Makes me write those meaningful poems.

I wrote a lot of poems,
But still there’s thing I want to know?
Like how deep is the Ocean?
I want to know; I want to see.

How high is the sky?
I want to know; I want to fly.
How many stars above the skies?
That shines at night while moon is bright.

And if I ever wish from those falling stars,
To give me strength, and time to spend, I’ll sing for her my final song, write my final poem,
And hold her hands, while I read it outloud.

To My Friend, My Love and My Lover

This poem was written by a woman who’s indeed in love with a man, who keeps pushing her away but she stayed and keep on loving him even though the man’s clock is about to stop on ticking by this Man never stop smiling.

True story in a short poem.

To My Friend, My Love and My Lover

Written By: Vanessa Jacob

To the one good friend who caught our sight,

Who has now given new battle to fight.

But doesn’t know how to shed a tear,

You can’t see him cry, nor show his fear.

But my friend, let go of your worries & emotion.

Breaking & weakening you isn’t truly God’s intention.

We’re surely being given different task,

Surprised by those we never ask.

But the life that we do have,

Is only a borrowed one from above.

We’re all gonna have our last kick,

Our clock will have the last tick.

But don’t get blinded by this vague darkness,

Out of it choose the option to find happiness.

You may feel bad, sad or mad & to us you may hate.

But despite all this ,you should rather illuminate.

Tighten your grip & do not flip.

Good things may come, never let it slip.

There’s no room for early bereavement,

Illness can now be cured & given treatment.

And my friend do not ever ever forget.

Miracles happen, I’m a believer of it.

Prayers even without devotion can be heard.

Wishes even without genie can be granted.

You may feel hopeless, sorrowful & morose,

For along the way, anything would arose

But please always remember, for you , I am just here.

And with sincerity, I truly care.

This isn’t yet your downfall,

& this may be unbeknownst to all.

Still, I want you to be tough & stand tall.

Show them that you’d endure & conquered it all.

And one day to this world & in their eyes before.

Shout it out. I am indeed a survivor!

It Means One Thing

Title: It Means One Thing

By: Karl Cyrill L. Garcia

There’s something I want say,
So please read this and stay.
You’ll know what it is,
Once you finish reading this,

Te quiero, Te amu.

Je t’adore, Je t’aime.

Du bist die Liebe meines Lebens,

Sei tutto per me,
Ti voglio bene,
Senza di te non posso piu vivere,

Dangshin-eul geu eotteon
geot bodado deo saranghaeyo,

I know it’s hard to pronounce those words,
And hard to understand what it means.
So please continue reading,
For you to know the meaning.

I care for you and love you.

I adore and love you, yes I’ll
always do.

Cause you’re the love of my life.

The one that makes wrong right,
I care and only wish the best for you,
And can’t live a single day without you.

I love you more than anything,
Cause you are my everything,

Ti amo, Te amo,
Saranghae, Aishiteru
You’ll understand when I say
I Love You.

Written Date:

February 24, 2019